Release 1.0.4

Release 1.0.4 includes an enhancement to the available methods for connecting to Elasticsearch, that of HTTP communication. The pull request covering this feature (link to the source) can be found in the following Pull Request

With the release of 1.0.4 the version of elasticsearch that is required has been update to 1.0.0. In order to use the Node or transport connections your Elasticsearch cluster must be either 1.0.0. Or you have to use the HTTP connection, which has been tested against 0.90.11 and 1.0.0.

To enable the HTTP client connection you need to specify the property:

With this enabled the indexing and searching web applications use the HTTP connection factory to talk to the ES server’s http endpoint. In order for the app to know what to talk to you specify the following property (by default it is

You can specify multiple hosts, by comma separating them:,,,

More information on configuring the HTTP connection can be found in the documentation section:

The relase can be found at the following location: